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Business in Copenhagen

Invest in Greater Copenhagen

Greater Copenhagen has public construction projects worth more than EUR 20bn to offer and property development opportunities in more than 20 attractive urban development areas. Read more about Greater Copenhagen investments.

Business opportunities and solutions in Copenhagen

Whether it is for a Scandinavian headquarters, R&D centre, distribution centre or shared service centre, Copenhagen offers a strong platform for business. It links the Scandinavian, Northern European and Baltic markets, and is home to leading companies and talent. Read more about business opportunities and solutions in Copenhagen.

Business in Herlev

Herlev is a dynamic municipality which takes pride in the active involvement of its citizens and businesses. Our ambition is to attract many new companies across a wide range of businesses. Since 2005, urban planning has been adapted in to facilitate service and knowledge intensive businesses. Life science businesses continue to enjoy excellent location possibilities in the municipality close to Herlev Hospital. Read more about business in Herlev.

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